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Speed for equity

We’re an early stage venture capital fund partnering with founders at Seed and Series A stage. 

Our team seeks to enrich your journey and create value with hands-on, actionable and game-changing support.

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Growth is value.

Blue ocean is the aim.

Speed is our secret sauce.

Impetus \ˈ im pə təs \

Impetus means a driving force and stimulus.

It is the force that makes a process or activity to occur quickly.

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Why Impetus

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We invest in strong teams and enable them to grow efficiently

The App

Investment Focus

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Founders first

We back strong founding teams oriented towards building rapidly growing tech companies that expand worldwide

Early stage,
Post traction

Initial ticket of EUR 0.3m – 0.5m and ready to support the company in the long run, having achieved double-digit growth

Central and Eastern Europe

Investing in CEE-based companies, preferably with a Bulgarian angle

About Us
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Meet the team

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We love tech and are obsessed with helping you win.

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